The Wild Geese (1978)

134 min.
Plot  Colonel Allen Faulkner (Richard Burton), a British mercenary and former army officer, arrives in London to meet the rich and ruthless merchant banker Sir Edward Matherson (Stewart Granger). The latter proposes a risky operation to rescue Julius Limbani (Winston Ntshona), imprisoned leader of a central African country, who is due to be executed by his own generals. Limbani is currently being held in a remote prison ("Zembala"), guarded by a crack unit of African troops known as the Simbas.

Faulkner provisionally accepts the assignment and sets about recruiting his officers, all of whom have worked with him on previous operations. They comprise:

* Shawn Fynn (Roger Moore), a British pilot. He is initially working as a currency smuggler, but is unwittingly duped into peddling illicit drugs for the local mafia. Upon discovering the truth, Fynn forces his employer to consume the tainted merchandise; the prominent crime families retaliate by ordering his assassination. Math...



Richard Burton
Colonel Allen Faulkner
Roger Moore
Lieutenant Shawn Fynn
Richard Harris
Captain Rafer Janders
Hardy Krüger
Lieutenant Pieter Coetzee
Stewart Granger
Sir Edward Matheson
Jack Watson
Regimental Sergeant Major Sandy Young
Frank Finlay
Father Geoghegen
Kenneth Griffith
Medic Arthur Witty
Jeff Corey
Mr. Martin
Barry Foster
Thomas Balfour
Ronald Fraser
Sergeant Jock McTaggart
Patrick Allen
Brook Williams


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The Wild Geese
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