Inhale (2010)

83 min.
Plot  Paul Stanton (Mulroney) and his wife Diane (Diane Kruger) are a couple whose daughter is dying from a rare degenerative lung condition. The only thing that can save her life is a lung transplant from an organ donor. The movie starts when the donated lung fails to arrive correctly. The movie goes back and forth between the present and the events leading up to it. In the present Day, Paul goes to Juarez Mexico to find a man called Dr. Navarro. After leaving his cell number at many local hospitals, somebody finally contacted Paul. In the past, Dr. Rubin (Arquette) who's treating their daughter (Stallard) had given them information regarding Paul's associate, Harrison (Shepard), who somehow managed to get an organ transplant for himself, possibly from the black market. Paul confronted Harrison and finally managed to get Dr. Navarro's name from him. Harrison told him that he was contacted by Navarro and he didn't know how to get a hold of him.

Back to the Present Day, Paul is ambu...



Dermot Mulroney
Paul Stanton
Diane Kruger
Diane Stanton
Sam Shepard
James Harrison
Jordi Mollà
Vincent Perez
Dr. Martínez
Rosanna Arquette
Dr. Rubin


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