Gone Baby Gone (2007)

7.5 / Rated by 2 people

114 min.
Plot  Private investigator Patrick Kenzie and his partner/girlfriend Angie Gennaro witness a televised plea by a woman named Helene McCready for the return of her missing daughter Amanda, who was abducted with her favorite doll "Mirabelle". Patrick and Angie are then hired by the child's aunt Beatrice to find Amanda and discover that Helene and her boyfriend "Skinny Ray" had recently stolen money from Cheese, a local Haitian drug lord. After Ray is murdered, Patrick and Angie join the police detectives investigating the case, Remy Bressant and Nick Poole, to arrange a trade of the money for Amanda. Captain Jack Doyle reads Patrick a telephone transcript of the drug lord setting up an exchange for Amanda. The exchange at a nearby quarry in Quincy is botched and Amanda is believed to have drowned, as her doll is found in the quarry and returned to Helene. Doyle, whose own daughter was killed years before, takes responsibility for the death and goes into early retirement.

Two months la...



Casey Affleck
Patrick Kenzie
Michelle Monaghan
Angie Gennaro
Morgan Freeman
Captain Jack Doyle
Ed Harris
Detective Sergeant Remy Bressant
John Ashton
Detective Nick Poole
Amy Ryan
Helene McCready
Amy Madigan
Beatrice "Bea" McCready
Titus Welliver
Lionel McCready
Bubba Rogowski
Edi Gathegi
Mark Margolis
Leon Trett


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Gone Baby Gone
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