The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

8.0 / Rated by 11 people

165 min.
Plot  Eight years after Harvey Dent's death, the Dent Act grants the Gotham City Police Department powers which nearly eradicate organized crime. Feeling guilty for covering up Dent's crimes, Police Commissioner James Gordon writes a resignation speech confessing the truth, but decides not to use it. Batman has disappeared; Bruce Wayne has become a recluse. Cat burglar Selina Kyle obtains Bruce's fingerprints from his home, kidnaps a congressman, then disappears. Selina hands Bruce's fingerprints to Phillip Stryver, an assistant to Bruce's business rival John Daggett, in hope of having her criminal record erased. Stryver double-crosses Selina, but she uses the congressman's stolen phone to alert the police to their location. Gordon and the police arrive to find the congressman, then pursue Stryver's men into the sewers while Selina flees. A masked man called Bane captures Gordon. Gordon escapes and ...  



Christian Bale
Bruce Wayne / Batman
Michael Caine
Alfred Pennyworth
Gary Oldman
Commissioner James Gordon
Anne Hathaway
Selina Kyle / Catwoman
Tom Hardy
Marion Cotillard
Miranda Tate / Talia al Ghul
Joey King
Young Talia al Ghul
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Sgt. John Blake
Morgan Freeman
Lucius Fox
Matthew Modine
Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley
Ben Mendelsohn
John Daggett
Burn Gorman
Philip Stryver
Alon Abutbul
Dr. Leonid Pavel
Daniel Sunjata
Capt. Mark Jones
Chris Ellis
Father Reilly
Nestor Carbonell
Mayor Anthony Garcia
Brett Cullen
Byron Gilley
Liam Neeson
Ra's al Ghul


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The Dark Knight Rises
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