Mystic River (2003)

7.5 / Rated by 9 people

137 min.
Plot  Three boys, James "Jimmy" Markum, Sean Devine, and Dave Boyle, play hockey in a Boston street in 1975. Spotting wet concrete, they start signing their names into it when a car pulls up with two men. One man pretending to be a police officer, gets out, berates the boys for their actions, and tells Dave to get into the car. The men hold Dave captive and sexually abuse him for four days, until he escapes.

Twenty-eight years later, the boys are grown and, while they still live in Boston, have drifted apart. Jimmy (Sean Penn) is an ex-con running a neighborhood store, while Dave (Tim Robbins) is a blue-collar worker, still haunted by his abduction. The two are still neighbors and related by marriage. Jimmy's 19year-old daughter Katie (Emmy Rossum) is secretly dating Brendan Harris, a boy Jimmy despises. She and Brendan are planning to r...



Sean Penn
James "Jimmy" Markum
Tim Robbins
Dave Boyle
Kevin Bacon
Detective Sean Devine
Connor Paolo
Young Sean Devine
Laurence Fishburne
Detective Sergeant Whitey Powers
Marcia Gay Harden
Celeste Boyle
Laura Linney
Annabeth Markum
Tom Guiry
Brendan Harris
Spencer Treat Clark
Ray Jr. "Silent Ray" Harris
Emmy Rossum
Katie Markum
Kevin Chapman
Val Savage
Robert Wahlberg
Kevin Savage
Cayden Boyd
Michael Boyle
Will Lyman
FBI Special Agent Birden
Ari Graynor
Eve Pigeon
Ken Cheeseman
Dave's Friend in Bar
Michael McGovern
1975 reporter
Kevin Conway
Theo (uncredited)
Eli Wallach
Mr. Loonie (uncredited)


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Mystic River
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