Shallow Grave (1994)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

92 min.
Plot  Chartered accountant David Stephens, physician Juliet Miller and journalist Alex Law share a flat in Edinburgh. Needing a new flatmate, they interview several applicants in a calculatedly cruel manner, amusing themselves at the applicants' expense before finally offering the room to the mysterious Hugo. Shortly after Hugo moves in, the trio finds him dead from an apparent overdose in his room, with a large suitcase full of money. They agree to conceal the death, keep the money for themselves and bury the body in the woods after removing the hands and feet to prevent identification. They draw lots, and David is given the gruesome task of dismembering the corpse, while Juliet disposes of the hands and feet in her hospital's incinerator.

Unknown to them, Hugo is being sought by a pair of violent men, who are torturing and murdering informants as they follow Hugo's trail. The flat below theirs is broken into, making them anxious. The intrusion also draws the attention of the polic...



Kerry Fox
Juliet Miller
Christopher Eccleston
David Stevens
Ewan McGregor
Alex Law
Ken Stott
Detective Inspector McCall
Colin McCredie
Gary Lewis


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Shallow Grave
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Onur rated Shallow Grave (1994) with 7.0 stars / 05.05.2019

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