Fair Game (2010)

7.0 / Rated by 2 people

108 min.
Plot  Valerie Plame is employed by the Central Intelligence Agency, a fact known outside the agency to no one except her husband and parents. She is an intelligence officer involved in a number of sensitive and sometimes dangerous covert operations overseas.

Her husband, Joseph C. Wilson, is a diplomat who most recently has served as the U.S. ambassador to Gabon. Due to his earlier diplomatic background in Niger, Wilson is approached by Plame's CIA colleagues to travel there and glean information as to whether yellowcake uranium is being procured by Iraq for use in the construction of nuclear weapons. Wilson determines to his own satisfaction that it is not.

After military action is taken by George W. Bush, who justifies it in a 2003 State of the Union address by alluding to the uranium's use in building weapons of mass destruction, Wilson submits an op-ed piece to ''The New York Times'', claiming these reports to be categorically untrue.

Plame's status as a CIA op...



Naomi Watts
Valerie Plame
Sean Penn
Joseph Wilson
Ty Burrell
Sam Shepard
Sam Plame
Bruce McGill
James Pavitt
Brooke Smith
Anand Tiwari
David Andrews
Scooter Libby
Adam LeFevre
Karl Rove
Mr. Tabir
Satya Bhabha
Jason Neal


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Fair Game
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