Moon (2009)

8.43 / Rated by 8 people

Science Fiction
97 min.
Plot  In 2035, Lunar Industries have made a fortune after an oil crisis, by building ''Sarang'', an automated lunar facility to mine the alternative fuel helium-3, which is used primarily to power fusion reactors and other things that run on fusion energy.

Sam Bell, the astronaut who maintains operations at ''Sarang'', nears the end of a three-year work contract as the facility's sole resident. Sam oversees automated harvesters and launches canisters bound for Earth, containing the extracted helium-3. Chronic communication problems have disabled his live feed from Earth and limit him to occasional recorded messages to his wife Tess, who was pregnant with their daughter Eve when he left. His only companion is an artificial intelligence named GERTY, who assists with the base's automation and provides comfort for him.

Two weeks before his return to Earth, Sam suffers from hallucinations of a teenage girl. One such image distracts him while he is out recovering a helium-3 canis...



Sam Rockwell
Sam Bell
Kevin Spacey
GERTY (voice only)
Kaya Scodelario
Eve Bell
Benedict Wong
Matt Berry
Malcolm Stewart
'the technician'
Robin Chalk
Sam Bell clone


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