Glory (1989)

7.0 / Rated by 2 people

122 min.
Plot  During the American Civil War, Captain Robert Shaw is injured in the Battle of Antietam and sent home to Boston on medical leave. He visits his family there, where he meets the abolitionist Frederick Douglass, a former slave. Shaw is offered a promotion to the rank of Colonel to command the first all-black regiment in the Union Army, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He accepts and asks his childhood friend, 1st Lieutenant Cabot Forbes, to serve as his second in command, with the rank of major. Their first volunteer is another friend, Thomas Searles, a bookish free African American. Other recruits soon follow, including gravedigger John Rawlins, timid freeman Jupiter Sharts and Silas Trip, an escaped slave who does not trust Shaw. Trip instantly clashes with Searles and Rawlins must keep the peace.

The men learn that the Confederacy has issued an order that all black soldiers found in Union uniform will be summarily executed, as will their white officers, and are offe...



Matthew Broderick
Colonel Robert Gould Shaw
Denzel Washington
Private Silas Trip
Morgan Freeman
Sergeant Major John Rawlins
Cary Elwes
Major Cabot Forbes
Cliff De Young
Colonel James Montgomery
Andre Braugher
Private Thomas Searles
Jihmi Kennedy
Private Jupiter Sharts
Alan North
Governor John Albion Andrew
John Finn
Sergeant Major Mulcahy
Donovan Leitch
Captain Charles Fessenden Morse
Bob Gunton
General Charles Garrison Harker
Jay O. Sanders
General George Crockett Strong
Raymond St. Jacques
Frederick Douglass
Jane Alexander
Sarah Blake Sturgis Shaw (uncredited)


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