Eight Below (2006)

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120 min.
Plot  In 1993, Jerry Shepard (Walker) is a guide at an Antarctica research base under contract with the National Science Foundation. UCLA professor, Dr. Davis McClaren (Greenwood), arrives at the base and along with Shepard's boss, Dr. Andy Harrison (Gerard Plunkett), presses Shepard to take McClaren to Mount Melbourne to attempt to find a rare meteorite from the planet Mercury. Shepard does so, ignoring his own intuition, which tells him it is too late in the season (January) to complete such a treacherous route. Worried about the snowmobiles breaking through the thinning ice or falling into a crevasse, Shepard tells Harrison and McClaren that the only way to get to Mount Melbourne is by dog sled.

Shepard and McClaren make it to Mount Melbourne, but immediately are called back to base camp due to an approaching heavy storm. McClaren begs for more time, and Shepard gives him half a day. McClaren finds what he was looking for and the two head back to the sled.

Shepard pauses...



Paul Walker
Jerry Shepard
Bruce Greenwood
Dr. Davis McClaren
Jason Biggs
Charlie Cooper
Wendy Crewson
Eve McClaren
Belinda Metz
Rosemary Paris
Dan Ziskie
Navy Commander
Daniel Bacon
Bureaucrat #2
Malcolm Stewart
Charles Buffett


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