Mad Max (1979)

7.38 / Rated by 4 people

Science Fiction
93 min.
Plot  In a dystopian future Australia, law and order has begun to break down following a major energy crisis. Most of the Outback has been reduced to low-populated communities with low fuel and a relatively peaceful life, with major metropolitan cities still continuing to exist. However, motorcycle gangs scavenge the lands and terrorize the population. As such, Main Force Patrol, an out-run police force, has been created to patrol the lands to uphold the remains of law and justice.

A Berserk motorcycle gang member named Crawford "Nightrider" Montazano, having killed an MFP rookie officer while escaping from police custody, is attempting to outrun the other MFP officers in a stolen Pursuit Special (a 1973 Holden HQ Monaro). Though he manages to elude his initial pursuers, the MFP's top pursuit man, Max Rockatansky, then engages the less-skilled Nightrider in a high-speed chase that ends in the latter's death in a fiery crash.

The Acolytes, Nightrider's motorcycle gang, led b...



Mel Gibson
Max Rockatansky
Joanne Samuel
Jessie Rockatansky
Hugh Keays-Byrne
The Toecutter
Steve Bisley
Jim "Goose" Rains
Roger Ward
Fred "Fifi" Macaffee
Geoff Parry
Bubba Zanetti
Lisa Aldenhoven
Hospital Nurse
Jonathan Hardy
Commissioner Labatouche
Sheila Florence
May Swaisey
Vincent Gil
Crawford "The Nightrider" Montazano
Reg Evans
Station Master
Nico Lathouris


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