Identity (2003)

7.5 / Rated by 2 people

90 min.
Plot  A convict introduced as "Malcolm Rivers"—who was abandoned as a child at a motel by his prostitute mother—awaits execution for several vicious murders that took place at an apartment building. Malcolm's psychiatrist, Dr. Mallick, has discovered his journal that may explain why he committed the murders. With this late evidence brought forth, a new hearing takes place.

Meanwhile, ten strangers find themselves stranded in the middle of a torrential rainstorm at a remote Nevada motel, run by Larry Washington. The group consists of an ex-cop limousine driver, Ed Dakota; Caroline Suzanne, an actress popular in the 1980s; Officer Rhodes, who is transporting serial killer Robert Maine; Paris Nevada, a prostitute; newlyweds Lou and Ginny Isiana; and the York family, George and Alice, and mute 9-year-old son Timmy. The Yorks are in crisis because Alice has been struck by Ed's car. With both ends of the road completely flooded, the group prepares to spend the night; however, they quickly...



John Cusack
Edward "Ed" Dakota
Ray Liotta
Samuel Rhodes
Amanda Peet
Paris Nevada
Clea DuVall
Ginny Isiana
William Lee Scott
Lou Isiana
Rebecca De Mornay
Caroline Suzanne
John Hawkes
Larry Washington
Leila Kenzle
Alice York
John C. McGinley
George York
Bret Loehr
Timothy "Timmy" York
Jake Busey
Robert Maine
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Vincent Taylor Malcolm Rivers


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