The Blues Brothers (1980)

8.31 / Rated by 9 people

132 min.
Plot  Blues vocalist and petty criminal "Joliet" Jake Blues is paroled on good behavior grounds from Joliet Correctional Center after serving three years of a five-year sentence, and is picked up by his blood brother Elwood in his Bluesmobile, a battered, decommissioned police car. The Bluesmobile used to be a Cadillac, but while Jake was in prison Elwood traded the Cadillac for a microphone and purchased the current Bluesmobile from a police auction. Jake becomes agitated at having been picked up from prison in a police car and initially refuses to accept the new car as the Bluesmobile. He changes his mind after Elwood demonstrates its capabilities by jumping an open drawbridge. The brothers visit the Roman Catholic orphanage where they were raised, and learn from Sister Mary "the Penguin" Stigmata and old friend Curtis that it will be closed unless $5,000 in property taxes is collected. Jake offers to steal the money, but Sister Mary is offended. During a sermon by the Reverend Cleophus Ja...  



John Belushi
"Joliet" Jake Blues
Dan Aykroyd
Elwood Blues
James Brown
Reverend Cleophus James
Cab Calloway
Aretha Franklin
Mrs. Murphy
Murphy Dunne
Carrie Fisher
Mystery Woman
Henry Gibson
Head Nazi
John Candy
Burton Mercer
Kathleen Freeman
Sister Mary Stigmata
Steve Lawrence
Maury Sline
Chic lady
Frank Oz
Corrections officer
Charles Napier
Tucker McElroy
Steven Spielberg
Cook County Assessor


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The Blues Brothers
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