The Great Escape (1963)

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172 min.
Plot  In 1943, having expended enormous resources on recapturing escaped Allied prisoners of war (POWs), the Germans move the most determined to a new, high-security prisoner of war camp. The commandant, Luftwaffe Colonel von Luger, tells the senior British officer, Group Captain Ramsey, "There will be no escapes from this camp." Ramsey replies that it is their duty to try to escape, to which von Luger replies with exasperation over the numerous escape attempts performed by the new arrivals. When Ramsey reasons with the commandant that officers will not forget their duty, even in prison, von Luger calmly replies by pointing out the various features of the new camp designed to prevent escape, as well as the perks the prisoners will receive as an incentive not to try. After several failed escape attempts on the first day, the POWs settle into life at the prison camp.

Gestapo and SS agents bring RAF Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett to the camp and present him to von Luger. Known as "Big ...



Steve McQueen
Capt. Virgil Hilts
James Garner
Flt. Lt. Robert Hendley
Richard Attenborough
Sqn. Ldr. Roger Bartlett
James Donald
Gp. Capt. Ramsey
Charles Bronson
Flt. Lt. Danny Velinski
Donald Pleasence
Flt. Lt. Colin Blythe
James Coburn
Fg. Off. Louis Sedgwick
Hannes Messemer
Oberst von Luger
David McCallum
Lt. Cmdr. Eric Ashley-Pitt
Gordon Jackson
Flt. Lt. Andrew MacDonald
John Leyton
Flt. Lt. William Dickes
Angus Lennie
Fg. Off. Archibald Ives
Nigel Stock
Flt. Lt. Dennis Cavendish
Robert Graf
Jud Taylor
2nd Lt. Goff
Harry Riebauer
Sgt. Strachwitz
Robert Freitag
Hauptmann Posen
Ulrich Beiger
George Mikell
SS Lieutenant Dietrich
Robert Desmond
Heinz Weiss
Tom Adams
Dai Nimmo
Karl-Otto Alberty
SS Officer Steinach


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The Great Escape
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