Face/Off (1997)

8.04 / Rated by 16 people

139 min.
Plot  FBI Special Agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) survives an assassination attempt by freelance domestic terrorist and homicidal psychopath Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage), but the bullet pierces through Archer's chest and hits his son Michael, killing the boy.

Six years later, Archer's vendetta against Castor culminates in his team's ambush of Troy and his younger brother/accomplice Pollux (Alessandro Nivola) at Los Angeles International Airport. Castor goads Archer with knowledge of a bomb located somewhere in the city set to go off in a few days, but he is knocked into a coma before Archer can learn more.

Archer affirms the threat is real, but is unable to convince Pollux to reveal where the bomb is located. At suggestion of his partner Tito Biondi (Robert Wisdom), Archer secretly undergoes a highly experimental face transplant procedure by Dr. Malcolm Walsh (Colm Feore) to take on Castor's face and appearance. Archer (now played by Cage) is taken to the same high-security pri...



John Travolta
Sean Archer/Castor Troy
Nicolas Cage
Castor Troy/Sean Archer
Joan Allen
Dr. Eve Archer
Alessandro Nivola
Pollux Troy
Gina Gershon
Sasha Hassler
Dominique Swain
Jamie Archer
Nick Cassavetes
Dietrich Hassler
Harve Presnell
Victor Lazarro
Colm Feore
Dr. Malcolm Walsh
John Carroll Lynch
Guard Walton
C. C. H. Pounder
Dr. Miller
Robert Wisdom
Tito Biondi
Margaret Cho
Matt Ross
Chris Bauer
Ivan Dubov
Myles Jeffrey
Michael Archer


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