In Bruges (2008)

8.1 / Rated by 6 people

107 min.
Plot  During one of his jobs, rookie hitman Ray accidentally kills a young boy. He and his partner Ken are sent to Bruges by their employer Harry Waters, to wait until they receive further instructions.

Ken finds the city charming and quaint, while Ray expresses constant boredom and chafes at the idea that he is not allowed to leave the city. Much of the story involves Ray searching for things to do in Bruges while Ken urges him to remain patient and diligent as they wait for Harry to call. One night, while observing a film shoot, Ray strikes up a romance with Chloë, a local drug dealer and thief moonlighting as a production assistant. On a date in a fancy restaurant, Ray gets involved in a fistfight with a couple who he believes are from the United States. Later, after they return to her apartment, Chloë's ex-boyfriend Eirik suddenly appears and brandishes a handgun loaded with blanks. But Ray disarms and blinds him by discharging the gun in his face.

Ken finally receives ...



Brendan Gleeson
Ken Daley
Ralph Fiennes
Harry Waters
Matt Smith
Young Harry
Clémence Poésy
Chloë Villette
Anna Madeley
Elizabeth Berrington
Natalie Waters
Eric Godon
Željko Ivanek
A Canadian man Ray hits for offending Chloë
Ciarán Hinds
The priest (uncredited)


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