Hud (1963)

112 min.
Plot  Hud Bannon (Paul Newman) is an ambitious and self-centered man, the opposite side to his old fashion rancher father, Homer (Melvyn Douglas), a deeply principled man. Living at the Bannon Ranch is also Hud's teenage nephew, Lonnie (Brandon deWilde), who looks up to both men, but is deeply impressed by Hud.

After the sudden death of a cow on the ranch without an apparent cause, Homer sends Lonnie to town and bring Hud to the ranch to get his opinion.

Hud is annoyed by the decision of his father to call the state veterinarian to find the cause of death. Hud proposes instead to sell the animals to other ranchers before the news spread and tells his father the government agents will kill all of their cattle, depriving the Bannons of their livelihood, and Hud's years of hard labor and inheritance will be nothing. Hud also blames his father for not realizing that the cheap Mexican cattle were sick before he bought them. Firm to his principles, Homer ignores Hud's idea and...



Paul Newman
Hud Bannon
Melvyn Douglas
Homer Bannon
Brandon De Wilde
Lonnie Bannon
Patricia Neal
Alma Brown
Whit Bissell
Mr. Burris
John Ashley
Val Avery
George O. Petrie
Joe Scanlon
Curt Conway
Truman Peters
Sheldon Allman
Mr. Thompson
Yvette Vickers
Lily Peters


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