One Fine Day (1996)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

108 min.
Plot  Melanie Parker (Michelle Pfeiffer) is an architect and divorced single mother to son, Sammy (Alex D. Linz). Her day gets off to a bad start when she is late to drop him off at school, due to the forgetfulness of fellow single parent Jack Taylor (George Clooney), a ''New York Daily News'' reporter whose daughter, Maggie (Mae Whitman), is thrust into his care that morning by his ex-wife.

The children arrive just a moment too late to go on a school field trip (a Circle Line boat cruise). Their parents are forced to accept that, on top of hectically busy schedules, they must work together that day to supervise each other's child. In their confusion of sharing a taxi, they accidentally switch cellphones, causing each of them, all morning, to receive calls intended for the other one, which they then have to relay to the right person.

Melanie must make an architectural design presentation to an important client. Jack has to find a source for a scoop on the New York mayor's...



Michelle Pfeiffer
Melanie Parker
Alex D. Linz
Sammy Parker
George Clooney
Jack Taylor
Mae Whitman
Maggie Taylor
Joe Grifasi
Manny Feldstein
Sheila Kelley
Robert Klein
Dr. Martin
Michael Massee
Eddie Parker
Amanda Peet


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One Fine Day
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