Collateral (2004)

7.6 / Rated by 6 people

120 min.
Plot  On January 24, 2004, cab driver Max Durocher (Jamie Foxx) is a man working to earn enough to start his own limousine business. One of this evenings fares is U.S. Justice Department prosecutor Annie Farrell (Jada Pinkett Smith). On the drive to her office, they strike up a conversation as a result of a bet on what route will get her downtown the fastest. She takes a liking to Max and leaves him with her business card to Max's surprise and delight.

Max's next fare is a businessman named Vincent (Tom Cruise) who exits the building just after Annie entered. Vincent is impressed by Max's skill at navigating the streets of LA and offers Max $600 to drive him for the entire night, against regulations. Max reluctantly agrees, as the money is too much to pass up. As Max waits at the first stop, a man falls onto the cab roof from above. Vincent has killed his first of five marks for the night, drug dealer Ramón Ayala, and is forced to reveal himself as a hitman. He coerces Max to hide t...



Tom Cruise
Jamie Foxx
Max Durocher
Jada Pinkett Smith
Annie Farrell
Mark Ruffalo
Ray Fanning
Peter Berg
Richard Weidner
Bruce McGill
Frank Pedrosa
Irma P. Hall
Ida Durocher
Barry Shabaka Henley
Daniel Baker
Richard T. Jones
Traffic cop #1
Bodhi Elfman
Young professional man
Debi Mazar
Young professional woman
Javier Bardem
Felix Reyes-Torrena
Thomas Rosales Jr.
Ramon Ayala
Jason Statham
Airport man


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