The Birdcage (1996)

8.19 / Rated by 9 people

118 min.
Plot  Val Goldman and Barbara Keeley are engaged to be married, and wish to have their families meet. Val's father, Armand, owns The Birdcage, a drag club in South Beach. His domestic partner is Albert, who appears regularly as "Starina", the show's star drag queen. Barbara's father is ultraconservative Republican Senator Kevin Keeley of Stow, Ohio. He is up for reelection and is also co-founder of the "Coalition for Moral Order". Fearing their reaction if they learn the truth about Val's parents, Barbara tells her parents that Armand is a cultural attaché to Greece, that Albert is a housewife, and that they divide their time between Greece and Florida; she also changes the family's last name from Goldman to Coleman to hide their Jewish background.

Kevin receives a phone call telling him that Senator Jackson, Kevin's colleague and co-founder of the Coalition for Moral Order, has been found dead in the bed of an underage African-American prostitute; the event receives a large amount ...



Robin Williams
Armand Goldman
Gene Hackman
Senator Kevin Keeley
Nathan Lane
Albert Goldman
Dianne Wiest
Louise Keeley
Dan Futterman
Val Goldman
Calista Flockhart
Barbara Keeley
Hank Azaria
Agador Spartacus
Christine Baranski
Katherine Archer
Tom McGowan
Harry Radman
Grant Heslov
National Enquirer photographer


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The Birdcage
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