Platoon (1986)

8.0 / Rated by 2 people

120 min.
Plot  In 1967, Chris Taylor has dropped out of college and volunteered for combat duty in Vietnam. Assigned to Bravo Company, 25th Infantry Division near the Cambodian border, he is worn down by the exhausting conditions and his enthusiasm for the war wanes. One night his unit is set upon by a group of North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldiers, who retreat after a brief confrontation. New recruit Gardner is killed while another soldier, Tex, is maimed by friendly fire from a grenade thrown by Sergeant "Red" O'Neill, with Taylor being mistakenly reprimanded by the ruthless Staff Sergeant Barnes. Taylor eventually gains acceptance from a tight-knit group in his unit who socialize and use drugs in a bunker clubhouse (the Underworld). He finds a mentor in Sergeant Elias, as well as the elder King, and becomes friends with two other soldiers, Lerner and Rhah.

During one patrol, a soldier named Manny is found mutilated and tied to a post while two others, Sal and Sandy, are killed by a booby t...



Charlie Sheen
Private First Class Chris Taylor
Tom Berenger
Staff Sergeant Bob Barnes
Willem Dafoe
Sergeant Elias Grodin
John C. McGinley
Sergeant Red O'Neill
Mark Moses
Lieutenant Wolfe
Forest Whitaker
Big Harold
Tony Todd
Sergeant Warren
Johnny Depp
Chris Pedersen
Dale Dye
Captain Harris


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zara rated Platoon (1986) with 8.0 stars / 04.01.2016

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