There Will Be Blood (2007)

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158 min.
Plot  In 1898, Daniel Plainview (Day-Lewis), a prospector in New Mexico, mines a potentially precious ore vein from a pit mine hole. In the process of dynamiting the lode, he falls from a broken rung of the tunnel ladder, breaking a leg. He saves an ore sample, climbs out of the mine and drags himself to the nearest assay office to record his claim. Four years later, Plainview discovers oil near Los Angeles, California and establishes a small drilling company. Following the death of a worker in an accident, Daniel adopts the man's orphaned son. The boy, named H.W. (Freasier), becomes his nominal business "partner." Daniel paints himself to potential investors as "a family man."

Nine years later, Daniel is approached by Paul Sunday (Dano), who tells him of an oil deposit under his family's property in Little Boston, California. Plainview attempts to buy the farm at a bargain price but Paul's twin brother Eli (also Dano), wise to Plainview's plan, holds out for $5,000, stating that it...



Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Plainview
Paul Dano
Paul Sunday and Eli Sunday
Ciarán Hinds
Paul F. Tompkins
David Warshofsky
H.M. Tilford


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There Will Be Blood
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