Superman (1978)

7.42 / Rated by 6 people

143 min.
Plot  On the dying planet Krypton, using evidence provided by scientist Jor-El, the Ruling Council sentences three attempted insurrectionists, General Zod, Ursa, and Non, to "eternal living death" in the Phantom Zone. Despite his eminence, Jor-El is unable to convince the Council of his belief that Krypton will soon explode. To save his infant son Kal-El, Jor-El launches a spacecraft containing the child towards Earth, a distant planet with a suitable atmosphere, and where Kal-El's dense molecular structure will give him superhuman powers. Shortly after the launch, Krypton is destroyed.

Three years later, the ship crash-lands near Smallville, a farming town in Kansas, United States. Kal-El is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who are astonished when the child is able to lift up their truck. They take him back to their farm and raise him as their own son, naming him Clark after Martha's maiden name.

At age 18, soon after the death of Jonathan, Clark hears a psychic "call," ...



Marlon Brando
Gene Hackman
Lex Luthor
Christopher Reeve
Clark Kent/Superman
Ned Beatty
Glenn Ford
Jonathan Kent
Trevor Howard
The First Elder
Margot Kidder
Lois Lane
Valerie Perrine
Eve Teschmacher
Terence Stamp
General Zod
Phyllis Thaxter
Martha Kent
Harry Andrews
The Second Elder


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