Contact (1997)

9.0 / Rated by 14 people

Science Fiction
149 min.
Plot  Encouraged to explore as a child by her late father, Dr. Eleanor "Ellie" Arroway (Jodie Foster) works for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. She listens to radio transmissions hoping to find signals sent by extraterrestrial life. Science Advisor to the President David Drumlin (Tom Skerritt) pulls the funding from SETI because he believes the endeavor is futile. Arroway gains backing from secretive billionaire industrialist S. R. Hadden (John Hurt), who has followed her career and allows her to continue her studies at the Very Large Array (VLA) in Socorro County, New Mexico.

Four years later, with Drumlin seeking to close SETI, Arroway finds a signal repeating a sequence of prime numbers, apparently sent from the star Vega. This announcement causes Drumlin and the National Security Council, led by National Security Advisor Michael Kitz (James Woods), to attempt to take control of the facility. As Arroway, Druml...



Jodie Foster
Dr. Eleanor "Ellie" Ann Arroway
Jena Malone
Young Ellie
Matthew McConaughey
Palmer Joss
James Woods
Michael Kitz
John Hurt
S.R. Hadden
Tom Skerritt
David Drumlin
Angela Bassett
Rachel Constantine
William Fichtner
Kent Clark
David Morse
Theodore Arroway
Jake Busey
Rob Lowe
Richard Rank
Max Martini


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