Changing Lanes (2002)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

99 min.
Plot  A successful New York City attorney, Gavin Banek, is in a rush to file a power of appointment, which will prove a dead man signed his foundation over to Banek's law firm. He has a collision on FDR Drive with another car, belonging to an insurance salesman, Doyle Gipson, who is also in a rush to a hearing to try to gain custody of his children and to prevent his estranged wife from taking them to Oregon. Banek tries to brush Gipson off with a blank check thereby disobeying the law. After Gipson refuses to accept the check and voices his desire to "do the right thing", that is, filing a police report and insurance claim, Banek strands Gipson, telling him, "better luck next time". After arriving to the court late, Gipson learns that it proceeded without him and that it did not go in his favor.

Unfortunately for Banek, he dropped the crucial power of appointment file at the scene of the accident, and the judge gives him until the end of the day to re-obtain the papers and present ...



Ben Affleck
Gavin Banek
Samuel L. Jackson
Doyle Gipson
Toni Collette
Sydney Pollack
Stephen Delano
Richard Jenkins
Walter Arnell
William Hurt
Doyle's Sponsor
Amanda Peet
Cynthia Delano Banek
Matt Malloy
Ron Cabot
Bruce Altman
Terry Kaufman
Dylan Baker


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Changing Lanes
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