Marie Antoinette (2006)

7.0 / Rated by 2 people

123 min.
Plot  Fourteen-year-old Maria Antonia is the beautiful, charming, and naïve Archduchess of Austria, youngest of Empress Maria Theresa's daughters. In 1770, the only one left unmarried among her sisters, she is sent by her mother to marry the Dauphin of France, the future Louis XVI, to seal an alliance between the two rival countries. Marie Antoinette travels to France, relinquishing all connections with her home country, including her pet pug "Mops", and meets King Louis XV of France and her future husband, Louis Auguste. The two arrive at the Palace of Versailles, which was built by the King's great-grandfather. They are married at once and are encouraged to produce an heir to the throne as soon as possible, but the next day it is reported to the king that "nothing happened" on the wedding night.

As time passes, Marie Antoinette finds life at the court of Versailles stifling. Her husband's courtiers disdain her as a foreigner and blame her for not producing an heir, although the faul...



Kirsten Dunst
Marie Antoinette
Jason Schwartzman
Louis XVI of France
Judy Davis
Anne de Noailles
Steve Coogan
Florimond Claude
Rip Torn
Louis XV of France
Rose Byrne
Yolande de Polastron
Asia Argento
Madame du Barry
Molly Shannon
Madame Victoire
Shirley Henderson
Madame Sophie
Danny Huston
Joseph II of Austria
Marianne Faithfull
Empress Maria Theresa
Jamie Dornan
Axel von Fersen
Tom Hardy
Al Weaver
Charles X of France
Mary Nighy
Princesse de Lamballe
Sebastian Armesto
Louis XVIII of France
Céline Sallette
Lady in Waiting
Aurore Clément
The Duchess of Chartres
Guillaume Gallienne
Charles Gravier
Jean-Christophe Bouvet
Etienne Francois
James Lance
Leonard Autie
Mathieu Amalric
Man at Masked Ball
Joseph Malerba
Queen's Guard


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Marie Antoinette
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