The King's Speech (2010)

8.0 / Rated by 9 people

119 min.
Plot  Prince Albert, Duke of York, the second son of King George V, stammers through his speech closing the 1925 British Empire Exhibition at Wembley Stadium, while the resulting ordeal is being broadcast by radio worldwide. The Duke has given up hope of a cure, but his wife Elizabeth persuades him to see Lionel Logue, an Australian speech therapist in London. During their first session, Logue breaches royal etiquette by referring to the Prince as "Bertie", a name used only by his family. When the Duke decides Logue's methods and manner are unsuitable, Logue wagers a shilling that the Duke can recite Hamlet's "To be, or not to be" soliloquy without trouble while listening to "The Marriage of Figaro" on headphones. Logue records his performance on an acetate record. Convinced he has stammered throughout, Prince Albert leaves in anger, declaring his condition "hopeless" and dismissing Logue. Logue offers him the recording as a keepsake.

After King George V makes his 1934 Chr...



Colin Firth
King George VI
Geoffrey Rush
Lionel Logue
Helena Bonham Carter
Queen Elizabeth
Guy Pearce
King Edward VIII
Timothy Spall
Winston Churchill
Derek Jacobi
Archbishop Cosmo Lang
Jennifer Ehle
Myrtle Logue
Anthony Andrews
Stanley Baldwin
Claire Bloom
Queen Mary
Michael Gambon
King George V


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The King's Speech
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