Crimson Tide (1995)

6.5 / Rated by 3 people

116 min.
Plot  In post-Soviet Russia civil war erupts as a result of the ongoing conflict in Chechnya. Military units loyal to Vladimir Radchenko, a Russian ultra-nationalist, have taken control of a nuclear missile installation and are threatening nuclear war if either the American or Russian governments attempt to confront him.

A US Navy nuclear submarine, the , is assigned to a patrol mission to be available to launch its missiles in a pre-emptive strike if Radchenko attempts to fuel his missiles. Captain Frank Ramsey (Hackman) is the commanding officer of the sub, one of few commanders left in the US Navy with combat experience. He chooses as his new executive officer (XO) Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter (Washington), who has an extensive education in military history and tactics, but no combat experience.

During their initial days at sea tension between Ramsey and Hunter becomes apparent due to a clash of personalities: Hunter's more analytical, cautious approach, as opposed to...



Denzel Washington
Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter
Gene Hackman
Captain Frank Ramsey
Matt Craven
Lieutenant Roy Zimmer
George Dzundza
Chief of the Boat Walters
Viggo Mortensen
Lieutenant Peter "Weps" Ince
James Gandolfini
Lieutenant Bobby Dougherty
Danny Nucci
Petty Officer Danny Rivetti
Rick Schroder
Lieutenant Paul Hellerman
Steve Zahn
Seaman William Barnes
Ryan Phillippe
Seaman Grattam
Daniel von Bargen
Vladimir Radchenko
Jason Robards
Rear Admiral Anderson (uncredited)


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Crimson Tide
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Sinan rated Crimson Tide (1995) with 5.0 stars / 21.09.2016

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