The Perfect Storm (2000)

7.0 / Rated by 5 people

130 min.
Plot  In October 1991, the swordfishing boat ''Andrea Gail'' returns to port in Gloucester, Massachusetts, with a poor catch. Desperate for money, Captain Billy Tyne (Clooney), convinces the ''Andrea Gail'' crew to join him for one more late season fishing expedition. The crew heads out past their usual fishing grounds in the Grand Banks, leaving a developing thunderstorm behind them. Initially unsuccessful, they head to the Flemish Cap, where their luck improves. At the height of their fishing the ice machine breaks; the only way to sell their catch before it spoils is to hurry back to shore. After debating whether to sail through the building storm or to wait it out, the crew decides to risk the storm. However, between the ''Andrea Gail'' and Gloucester is a confluence of two powerful weather fronts and a hurricane, which the ''Andrea Gail'' crew underestimates.

After repeated warnings from other ships, the ''Andrea Gail'' loses her antenna, forcing Captain Linda Greenlaw (Mastran...



George Clooney
Frank William "Billy" Tyne
Mark Wahlberg
Robert "Bobby" Shatford
Diane Lane
Christina "Chris" Cotter
John C. Reilly
Dale "Murph" Murphy
William Fichtner
David "Sully" Sullivan
Michael Ironside
Bob Brown
Bob Gunton
Alexander McAnally III
Karen Allen
Melissa Brown
Cherry Jones
Edie Bailey
Allen Payne
Alfred Pierre
John Hawkes
Michael "Bugsy" Moran
Janet Wright
Ethel Shatford
Dash Mihok
Sgt Jeremy Mitchell


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The Perfect Storm
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