Malcolm X (1992)

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202 min.
Plot  ''Malcolm X'' begins with a title sequence featuring an American flag being consumed by fire, intercut with George Holliday's iconic videotaped footage of the beating of Los Angeles motorist Rodney King. A voice-over of Denzel Washington as Malcolm X angrily condemns white America: "We don't see the American dream; we've experienced only the American nightmare!" The burning flag eventually becomes the letter "X".

The film opens in earnest in Boston in the "war years" (the early 1940s). Malcolm "Detroit Red" Little, a troubled, small-time criminal and his friend, Shorty, are walking down a street in gaudy zoot suits. Little also receives a conk from Shorty. They concoct various criminal schemes to make money. Eventually, Little becomes involved with a Harlem gangster named West Indian Archie (Lindo). Archie takes Little on as his protégè, but they ultimately have a falling out over money owed Little, who accuses Archie of "slipping" mentally. After a fight, Little flees back to...



Denzel Washington
Malcolm X
Angela Bassett
Betty X
Albert Hall
Delroy Lindo
West Indian Archie
Spike Lee
Wendell Pierce
Ben Thomas
Giancarlo Esposito
Thomas Hagan
Michael Imperioli
Reporter at Fire Bombing
Christopher Plummer
Chaplain Gill
Karen Allen
Miss Dunne
Peter Boyle
Captain Green
David Patrick Kelly
Mr. Ostrowski
Beatrice Winde
Elderly Woman


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Malcolm X
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