The Mighty Quinn (1989)

98 min.
Plot  Xavier Quinn (Denzel Washington) is the chief of police on a small, unnamed Caribbean island (the novel was set on the fictional island of St. Caro). When Donald Pater, the millionaire owner of a luxury resort hotel, is found murdered, everyone assumes that the culprit is Maubee (Robert Townsend), a petty crook who also happens to be Quinn's best friend. Quinn doesn't believe it and clashes with the local bureaucracy: Thomas Elgin (James Fox), an arrogant political fixer, and the island's underqualified governor (Norman Beaton). Quinn's worries over the murder exacerbate his troubles at home; he is estranged from his wife, Lola (Sheryl Lee Ralph), and rarely has time to see his son.

Maubee eludes the police at every turn, even appearing personally to Xavier now and again, before running off. On one of these occasions, Quinn questions a witness afterward, who says that Maubee was carrying a "$10,000 bill," despite there being no such thing. Trying to track down Maubee, Quinn qu...



Denzel Washington
Xavier Quinn
James Fox
Thomas Elgin
Mimi Rogers
Hadley Elgin
M. Emmet Walsh
Fred Miller
Art Evans
Jump Jones
Henry Judd Baker


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The Mighty Quinn
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