Before Night Falls (2000)

133 min.
Plot  ''Before Night Falls'' is based on the autobiography of the same name by Cuban poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas. In the film, Arenas, who was openly gay, is born in Oriente in 1943 and raised by his single mother and her parents, who soon move the entire family to Holguín. After moving to Havana in the sixties to continue his studies, Reinaldo begins to explore his ambitions, as well as his sexuality. After receiving an honorary mention in a writing contest, Arenas is offered the chance to publish his first work. Through his work and friendships with other openly gay men (such as Pepe Malas and Tomas Diego), Arenas manages to find himself.

The political climate in Cuba becomes increasingly dangerous, and in the early seventies Arenas is arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting minors, and for publishing abroad without official consent. In the next decade, Arenas is in and out of prison, attempting and failing to leave the country several times.

In 1980, Arenas fina...



Javier Bardem
Reinaldo Arenas
Johnny Depp
Bon Bon / Lt. Victor
Olivier Martinez
Lazaro Gomez Carriles
Andrea Di Stefano
Pepe Malas
John Ortiz
Juann Abreu
Marisol Padilla Sánchez
Margarita Camacho
Michael Wincott
Herberto Zorilla Ochoa
Sean Penn
Cuco Sanchez
Najwa Nimri
Fina Zorilla Ochoa
Diego Luna


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Before Night Falls
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