She's the One (1996)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

96 min.
Plot  The film tells the story of two Irish-Catholic Fitzpatrick brothers, Mickey (Edward Burns) and Francis (Mike McGlone) and the tribulations of love, family and betrayal. Mickey is a New York City blue-collared taxi driver, unhappy over an act of infidelity committed by Heather (Cameron Diaz), his ex-fiancée. Francis is a white-collared Wall Street stock investor, who unknown to his wife, Renee (Jennifer Aniston), is having an affair.

During weekends, Mickey and Francis visit their parents who live on Long Island. Their mother is never seen on screen, while they have better time interacting with their father, Frank (John Mahoney), who is an emotionally bereft conservative man as well as an old-school sexist and a bigot who takes them out fishing on his motorboat, but refuses to let women on board due to family tradition. Frank always gives Mickey and Francis advice to live out their lives any way they can and to always go for what drives them to succeed.

While driving h...



Edward Burns
Mickey Fitzpatrick
Cameron Diaz
Heather Davis
Jennifer Aniston
Renee Fitzpatrick
John Mahoney
Mr. Fitzpatrick
Leslie Mann
Amanda Peet
Robert Weil
Mr. DeLuca
Beatrice Winde
Older Woman


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She's the One
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