High Crimes (2002)

115 min.
Plot  Attorney Claire Kubik (Ashley Judd) and her woodworker husband Tom (James Caviezel) find their idyllic life in Marin County, California shattered when, during a Christmas shopping excursion in San Francisco's Union Square he is captured by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and charged with the murders of nine peasants in a remote village in El Salvador in 1988. Claire is shocked to discover Tom, whose real name is Ronald Chapman, was a covert military operative serving in the United States Marine Corps and has been on the run for the past fourteen years.

Tom admits he was present at the scene of the mass murders but staunchly denies any involvement in the killings. He insists he has been scapegoated in order to conceal the identity of the real culprit, Major James Hernandez (Juan Carlos Hernández), now the aide of Brigadier General Bill Marks (Bruce Davison).

First Lieutenant Terence Embry (Adam Scott) is assigned to defend Tom, but his youth and lack of experi...



Ashley Judd
Claire Kubik
Morgan Freeman
Charlie Grimes
Jim Caviezel
Tom Kubik/Ron Chapman
Adam Scott
First Lieutenant Terence Embry
Amanda Peet
Jackie Grimaldi
Bruce Davison
Brigadier General Bill Marks
Michael Gaston
Major Waldron
Tom Bower
FBI Special Agent Mullins
Michael Shannon
Troy Abbott
Emilio Rivera
The Salvadoran witness to the shootings


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High Crimes
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