Please Give (2010)

Plot  Kate (Keener) and Alex (Platt) are a couple living in a New York City apartment with their teenage daughter, Abby (Sarah Steele). Kate and Alex own a furniture store specializing in used modern furniture, which they buy at estate sales. They have bought the apartment adjacent to theirs, but its occupant, the elderly and cranky Andra (Guilbert), will stay in it until she dies. Andra has two granddaughters, the dutiful and generous Rebecca (Hall), a breast cancer radiology technician, and the cynical, sharp-tongued Mary (Peet), a cosmetologist.

Kate is troubled by the profits she makes from furniture sellers who do not know the value of what they are selling; the contrast between homeless people in her neighborhood and her own comfortable life; and the fact that her family will only be able to expand their apartment when Andra dies. She tries to assuage her guilt through volunteer jobs (which leave her weeping) and donations to homeless individuals (which sometimes backfire).  



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Please Give
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