The Ten (2007)

93 min.
Plot  Ten stories, each inspired by one of the Ten Commandments:

;1 "Thou Shalt Worship No God Before Me"

A guy (Adam Brody) becomes a celebrity after falling out of a plane and becoming permanently embedded in the ground thanks to superstar agent (Ron Silver). After a swift rise to stardom, he becomes prideful and arrogant, referring to himself as a god. His career falls apart and he loses everything. His fiancée (Winona Ryder) leaves him for a TV anchor man.

;2 "Thou Shalt Not Take the Lord's Name in Vain"

A librarian (Gretchen Mol) has a sexual awakening in Mexico with a swarthy local (Justin Theroux) who turns out to be Jesus Christ. She eventually settles down and marries her coworker (A. D. Miles), but is secretly reminded of her fling with Jesus whenever her family prays before a meal.

;3 "Thou Shalt Not Murder"

A doctor (Ken Marino) kills his patient by leaving a pair of scissors inside her abdomen during surgery. Despite expectin...



Paul Rudd
Jeff Reigert
Winona Ryder
Kelly LaFonda
Famke Janssen
Gretchen Reigert
Jessica Alba
Liz Anne Blazer
Adam Brody
Stephen Montgomery
Justin Theroux
Jesus H. Christ
Oliver Platt
Marc Jacobson
Liev Schreiber
Ray Johnson
Gretchen Mol
Gloria Jennings
Rob Corddry
Duane Rosenblum
Ken Marino
Dr. Glenn Richie
Mather Zickel
Louis La Fonda
Michael Showalter
Police Lt. Flarn Bairn
Thomas Lennon
Scotty Pale
Ron Silver
Fielding Barnes
Jason Sudeikis
Tony Contiella
Rashida Jones
Jon Hamm


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The Ten
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