An American Haunting (2005)

83 min.
90 min.
Plot  It is modern day and a young girl is running through the forest and runs into her house, trying to get away from something. It turns out it was just a dream that the young girl was having. Her mother comes in to remind her that she is going to go and stay with her father for the weekend.

Later, the divorced mother finds an old binder of letters from the 19th century. The letters are from a previous occupant of the house. The film switches to the early 19th century, focusing on a village that used to stand around the house, and the story of the Bell Witch is told.

John Bell is taken to church court, guilty of stealing a woman's land. The church lets him go because the loss of his honor is good enough. The offended woman, Kate Batts, who is infamous in the village over claims of witchcraft, hints that she means ill to him and his daughter, Betsy.

Soon, strange things start happening and John believes that Batts has cursed him. Betsy starts to look very sick ...



Donald Sutherland
John Bell
Sissy Spacek
Lucy Bell
James D'Arcy
Richard Powell
Matthew Marsh
James Johnston
Miquel Brown


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An American Haunting
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