The Way, Way Back (2013)

103 min.
Plot  14-year-old Duncan reluctantly goes on summer vacation to a beach house in a small seaside town near Cape Cod, Massachusetts with his mother, Pam; her boyfriend, Trent; and Trent's daughter, Steph. Trent emotionally disparages Duncan, often making comments and gestures that are belittling and rude to him. On the way to the beach house, Trent asks Duncan to rate himself on a scale of one to ten, and tells Duncan he thinks Duncan is a three. They arrive at the beach house and are greeted by the neighbors: the gregarious, hard-drinking Betty; her children Susanna and Peter; and married couple Kip and Joan. Later that evening, Duncan and Susanna have an awkward conversation from their adjacent porches.

Duncan discovers a small girl's bicycle in the garage of the beach house and uses it to begin exploring the town. At a pizza restaurant, he runs into the staff of Water Wizz, the local water park. He meets Owen who is playing Pac-Man, and eventually Owen takes Duncan under his wing ...



Liam James
Steve Carell
Trent Ramsey
Allison Janney
Betty Thompson
AnnaSophia Robb
Susanna Thompson
Maya Rudolph
Nat Faxon
Zoe Levin
Steph Ramsey


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The Way, Way Back
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