The Ex (2006)

92 min.
Plot  Living in Manhattan, Tom (Zach Braff) is a cook who has a hard time holding down his job. His wife, Sofia (Amanda Peet), is an attorney. When their first child is born, they agree that she will be a full-time mom and he will work to get a promotion. When Tom gets fired over defending his friend Paco (Yul Vazquez), he takes a job in Ohio working at the ad agency where his father-in-law is the assistant director. Tom is assigned to report to Chip (Jason Bateman). Chip is a competitive and hard-driving wheelchair-using man who is coincidentally Sofia's ex-boyfriend from high school. Chip still carries a desire for her, so he conspires to make Tom's work life miserable. As Tom's frustrations mount, Chip begins to sway Sofia to his side.

Tom begins to suspect that Chip isn't handicapped at all and goes through his desk. He finds a photo of Chip playing tennis and rushes to his in-laws' house to see his wife and show her the picture. He finds Chip having dinner with Sofia and her pa...



Zach Braff
Tom Reilly
Amanda Peet
Sofia Kowalski
Jason Bateman
Chip Sanders
Charles Grodin
Bob Kowalski
Mia Farrow
Amelia Kowalski
Amy Poehler
Carol Lane
Paul Rudd
Fred Armisen
Donal Logue
Don Wollebin
Amy Adams
Abby March
Josh Charles
Forrest Mead
Marin Hinkle
Romany Malco
Hakeem Oliver


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The Ex
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Fast Track
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