Disconnect (2012)

115 min.
Plot  An ambitious, up-and-coming reporter Nina Dunham has much success with her interview with underage video chat-room stripper Kyle. Kyle, a runaway, works in a whole "house" with other chat-room strippers under his boss, Harvey. However, the FBI wants her to reveal his address in order to shut down the whole website that hosts the web-rooms. Since she has paid him in order to make initial contact, she may have broken the law, making the police and her boss put pressure on her to cooperate. Nina wants to save him from the business, yet fears losing his trust in the process. Kyle reluctantly gives her the address, and somehow, Harvey is tipped off and the entire house flees. When Nina discovers this, she follows them to the motel where they're staying, and asks Kyle to leave with her. At first, Kyle is hopeful for the future and willing, but when Nina is hesitant to guarantee him safe haven in her home, he resists. Harvey watches the argument, then slaps Nina. The entire group of chat-room...  



Jason Bateman
Rich Boyd
Hope Davis
Lydia Boyd
Frank Grillo
Mike Dixon
Paula Patton
Cindy Hull
Andrea Riseborough
Nina Dunham
Tessa Albertson
Michael Nyqvist
Stephen Schumacher
Colin Ford
Jason Dixon
Jonah Bobo
Ben Boyd
Kasi Lemmons
Roberta Washington
John Sharian
Ross Lynde


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