Airport (1970)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

137 min.
Plot  This film was based on the novel by Arthur Hailey. With attention to the detail of day-to-day airport and airline operations, the plot concerns the response to a paralyzing snowstorm, environmental concerns over noise pollution, and an attempt to blow up an airliner.

Demolition expert D.O. Guerrero (Van Heflin), down on his luck and with a history of mental illness, buys life insurance with the intent of committing suicide by blowing up Trans Global Airlines Flight 2, known as ''The Golden Argosy'', a Rome-bound Boeing 707 intercontinental jet, from a snowbound Chicago-area airport. He plans to set off a bomb in an attaché case while over the Atlantic with the intent that his wife, Inez (Maureen Stapleton), will collect the insurance money of $225,000.

When the ''Golden Argosy'' crew is made aware of Guerrero's presence and possible intentions, Captain Vernon Demerest (Dean Martin), acting as a check pilot to evaluate Captain Anson Harris (Barry Nelson), goes back int...


Burt Lancaster
Mel Bakersfeld
Dean Martin
Vernon Demerest
Jean Seberg
Tanya Livingston
Jacqueline Bisset
Gwen Meighen
George Kennedy
Joe Patroni
Maureen Stapleton
Inez Guerrero
Barry Nelson
Anson Harris
Lloyd Nolan
Whit Bissell
Mr. Davidson
Eve McVeagh
Mrs. Henry Bron
Lou Wagner
Schuyler Schultz


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