Trust Me (2013)

90 min.
Plot  Howard Holloway (Clark Gregg) is a former child star who is now a down a struggling agent who specializes in representing child actors. Howard has an ongoing feud with more successful agent Aldo Stankas (Sam Rockwell), who has poached several of Howard's clients who were on the verge of success.

After losing a client, Howard encounters Lydia (Saxon Sharbino), a highly talented thirteen year old actress, who takes a liking to him. Her crude father, Ray, has the opposite reaction and orders Howard to keep away from his daughter.

Howard arranges a date with his neighbor Marcy (Amanda Peet). Soon after, Lydia receives an offer to audition for the lead role in a forthcoming big budget series of films based on a popular series of young adult vampire novels. Lydia tells the producers that Howard is her agent and he negotiates a lucrative deal for her. Later, Lydia stands by Howard when her father and the producers attempt to dump him in favor of Aldo.

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Trust Me
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