A Man for All Seasons (1966)

120 min.
Plot  Cardinal Wolsey, the Lord Chancellor of England, summons Sir Thomas More to Hampton Court. King Henry VIII of England wishes to divorce his wife and marry Anne Boleyn. Saying that England needs a male heir to prevent another civil war, Wolsey chastises More for being the only member of the Privy Council to argue against him. When More states that the Pope will never grant a divorce, he is appalled by Wolsey's suggestion that they apply "pressure" on Church lands to force the issue. To Wolsey's fury, More responds, "No, Your Grace. I am not going to help you."

Returning by a River Thames ferry to his home at Chelsea, More finds Richard Rich, a young acquaintance from Cambridge waiting by the dock for his return. An ambitious young man, who is drawn to the allure of political power, Rich pleads with More for a position at Court. More, citing the many corruptions there, advises Richard to become a teacher instead.

More finds his daughter Meg with a brilliant young lawyer...



Paul Scofield
Sir Thomas More
Wendy Hiller
Alice More
Orson Welles
Cardinal Wolsey
Robert Shaw
Henry VIII
Susannah York
Margaret More
Nigel Davenport
The Duke of Norfolk
John Hurt
Richard Rich
Corin Redgrave
William Roper
Colin Blakely
Vanessa Redgrave
Anne Boleyn
Jack Gwillim
Chief Justice


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A Man for All Seasons
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