$5 a Day (2008)

98 min.
Plot  Ritchie Flynn Parker (Alessandro Nivola) is a seemingly successful man living in Los Angeles, California who has just broken up with his girlfriend Maggie (Amanda Peet). He has also just been fired from his job as a health inspector when he discovers his father Nat (Christopher Walken), a cheap con-man, has a terminal brain tumor and he wants to see Ritchie. Ritchie, believing it's another con, grudgingly goes to Atlantic City to see his father who explains he has been living on five dollars a day, going to extremes to do so, such as constantly calling various radio station contests with different aliases to win things, like concert tickets he can then scalp. Nat shows Ritchie an x-ray of his skull, and asks Ritchie to drive him to New Mexico to seek a potential cure. The father and son hit the road driving a Sweet'n Low car free of charge provided they get gas at Chevron stations along the way. Ritchie calls his girlfriend to tell her about his life and the trip, using one of Nat's ma...  



Christopher Walken
Nat Parker
Alessandro Nivola
Ritchie Flynn Parker
Sharon Stone
Dolores Jones
Amanda Peet
Peter Coyote
Bert Kruger
Dean Cain
Rick Carlson


All Titles

$5 a Day
English Original Title
Five Dollars a Day
English Alternative Title

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United States




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