Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story (2001) / Miniseries

Plot  In 2001, Jack Robinson (Matthew Modine) is the rich CEO of a large company. Throughout his family's past, no Robinson male has lived to be over 40, and Jack keeps having a dream about his father and an angry giant. He tries very hard to stay healthy with the help of his Albanian butler Dussan (Jonathan Hyde). The man who manages his business affairs, Siegfried "Siggy" Mannheim (Jon Voight), convinces him to turn down a project involving alternative food supplies of genetically-engineered plants to feed the Third World, and also to build a casino complex around his ancestral castle in a small town to which the locals greatly object.

During construction, the workers discover the skeleton of a giant. A strange young woman called Ondine (Mia Sara) then appears and accuses Jack of being "a thief and a murderer" before vanishing in a flash of light. That night, a man sneaks into Jack's house and takes him to see an old woman whom Jack recognizes as a great-aunt who he believed was d...



Matthew Modine
Jack Robinson
Mia Sara
Vanessa Redgrave
Countess Wilhelmina
Jon Voight
Sigfriend "Siggy" Mannheim
Jim Carter
Jonathan Hyde
Mak Wilson


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Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story
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