Black Widow (2008) / TV

89 min.
Plot  Olivia (Elizabeth Berkley), is young, beautiful, brilliant, and effortlessly charming. She is a dedicated charity worker, responsible for establishing free clinics across the country for poor women. When she meets millionaire Danny Keegan (Randall Batinkoff), the pair soon form a relationship and he falls for her. However, it soon becomes clear that not everyone admires Olivia. Danny’s college friend, Melanie (Alicia Coppola), a photo journalist for the ''Los Angeles Post'', thinks that there is something suspicious about Olivia and soon wants to learn more about the mysterious woman.

With the help of her assistant, Finn (Adriana DeMeo), Melanie discovers the truth about Olivia, finding out that her Ph.D. is fake, that she is responsible for many acts of embezzlement and that she has another lover on the side. Then she discovers Olivia’s numerous identities, the multiple marriages that have left her very rich, and the suspicious deaths of each of her husbands. Soon enough, Olivi...



Elizabeth Berkley
Olivia Whitfield / Grace Miller
Alicia Coppola
'Mel' Melanie Dempsey
Randall Batinkoff
Danny Keegan
George Wyner
Stan Driver


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Black Widow
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