Virtuality (2009) / TV

Plot  The story is set aboard the ''Phaeton'', Earth's first starship, on a ten-year journey to explore the nearby Epsilon Eridani star system. In order to help the 12-person crew endure the long mission, a system of virtual reality modules are installed aboard the ship. These modules, which are worn like glasses and suppress real-world body movement, allow the crew to assume various identities and enjoy a variety of adventures. The crew's experiences aboard the ship are broadcast back to Earth as Fox's reality television program ''Edge of Never: Life on the Phaeton''.

The pilot picks up approximately six months after the launch of ''Phaeton''. The crew now faces a "go or no-go" situation, in that they are fast approaching their last chance to change course back towards Earth. However, their home planet is quickly becoming uninhabitable, with dry land becoming increasingly rare. Scientists estimate that the planet will become completely inhospitable within the next hundred years. The ...



Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Commander Frank Pike
Kerry Bishé
Billie Kashmiri
Joy Bryant
Alice Thibadeau
Jose Pablo Cantillo
Manny Rodriguez
Ritchie Coster
Dr. Jimmy Johnson
James D'Arcy
Dr. Roger Fallon
Clea DuVall
Sue Parsons
Sienna Guillory
Rika Goddard
Jimmi Simpson
Virtual Man


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