Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995)

5.0 / Rated by 1 people

90 min.
Plot  Richard Jacks (Tim Daly) is a perfumer fed up working at a major fragrance company, where he is the butt of jokes with many employees. His projects are failures and the sexist chief executive (Polly Bergen) is thinking of replacing him with a woman.

After his great-grandfather dies, Jacks attends the will reading. Whilst everyone else receives houses, money and boats, Jacks receives nothing but notes from scientific experiments. He discovers that his ancestor was Dr. Henry Jekyll.

Jacks becomes fascinated about the duality of man. He attempts to refine Jekyll's formula that separates good and evil. Realizing that his ancestor's formula increased male aggression, Jacks decides to add more estrogen to the mixture in the hope that it will prove less dangerous.

Monitoring his vital stats after ingesting the formula, he gives up and attends a job interview. Although everything appears normal at first, Jacks' voice begins to crack, his nails grow longer, and the ha...



Tim Daly
Dr. Richard Jacks
Sean Young
Helen Hyde
Lysette Anthony
Sarah Carver
Stephen Tobolowsky
Oliver Mintz
Harvey Fierstein
Yves DuBois
Jeremy Piven
Pete Walston


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Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
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