Toy Soldiers (1991)

111 min.
Plot  In Barranquilla, Colombia, a terrorist by the name of Luis Cali has taken over the Palace of Justice with a ruthless team of mercenaries. He demands the release of his drug kingpin father, Enrique Cali, only to be told that his father has already been delivered to the United States for trial. They escape by helicopter and with the weapons and logistics assistance of Luis' second-in-command, an American named Jack Thorpe, they enter the U.S. through Mexico.

In the United States, the Regis High School is a prep school for teenage boys with wealthy and influential parents, half of whom have been expelled from other schools. A group of pranksters led by Billy Tepper that includes Joey Trotta, Hank Giles, Ricardo Montoya, Jonathan Bradberry, and Phil Donoghue is carefully watched over by their teachers and the stern but well-meaning Dean Parker.

Phil's father is the Federal Judge presiding over Enrique Cali's trial, so he is taken to a safe location as a precaution. Unawar...



Sean Astin
William "Billy" Tepper
Wil Wheaton
Joseph "Joey" Trotta
Louis Gossett Jr.
Dean Edward Parker
Denholm Elliott
Headmaster Dr. Robert Gould
R. Lee Ermey
General Kramer


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Toy Soldiers
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