It Was Him or Us (1995) / TV

Plot  One night in a small town, Peggy Wilson and her daughter Carrie get up and leave Peggy's abusive husband and Carrie's father, Buddy. As they try to leave, Buddy comes to the pickup begging Peggy to forgive him and asking Carrie to open the door. Unmoved by his pleas, Peggy points a gun at Buddy, telling him to stay away from her and Carrie as she drives away.

Eighteen years later, Peggy is now living in Salt Lake City with her new husband, Walter Pomeroy, with whom she has 2 sons, Jesse and Stevie. Her daughter Carrie, now a single mother to a 5-year-old girl named Jenna, is living with them and complains about not having a boyfriend or husband. Carrie then goes to apply for a job in an office at a construction site, where she meets good-looking young construction worker Gene Shepard, who asks her out. When he comes to pick Carrie up for their first date, the family seems to approve of him because of his kindness, but Peggy makes the comment that she wished Gene had called fir...



Richard Masur
Walter Pomeroy
Spencer Treat Clark
Jesse Pomeroy
David Gallagher
Stevie Pomeroy
Bette Ford
Maggie Shepard
Wil Wheaton
Lorraine Toussaint
Lt. Washington


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It Was Him or Us
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